Mighty Mites

Mighty Mites Class is held only on Saturdays and is for kids younger than 7. This is a fun class designed to get energy out of the kids by keeping them very active while at the same time teaching them a little bit of Karate.

Junior's / Adult Beginners

The Junior's and Adult beginners Class is held regularly on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. This is the Karate class that most students go to. It is designed for lower rank students (Purple belt and below) and focuses on basics.


The Adult's class is held on Saturdays. This class is for adults of all ranks and juniors who have received an invitation to join the class from an instructor. This class moves at a faster pace than the regular Junior's Class and is designed for adults at all ranks.


The Advanced class held regularly on Monday and Wednesday. This class is for students Green belt or above or anyone who has received an invitation from an instructor. This class focuses on more practical applications, complex motions and kata, along with a lot of detail work on specific motions and basics.

Tournament Kata

The Tournament Kata Class is on Mondays and is for anyone who wishes to join. If you think that you ever want to compete at a Karate Tournament then you should go to this class at least once to learn what judges will expect of you when you compete with Kata.

Tournament Kumite

The Tournament Kumite Class is on Wednesdays and is for anyone who wishes to join. If you think that you ever want to fight at a Karate Tournament then you should go to this class. This class will help you learn the rules of the combat art along with techniques and strategies that will help you succeed in a tournament setting.

Open Practice

Open Practice is for those who want more practice and don't have a space to accommodate their practice. You may practice whatever you like be it Kata, Kumite, or even just line drills. This time is for students to have a space to figure out those little things that they may be struggling with during class.

Black Belt Practice

Black Belt Practice is for BLACK BELTS ONLY. The Black Belts practice various techniques and skills in this class that the color belts are not yet ready to experience. This class would also confuse most color belts who decide to come and possibly be a detriment to their Karate Journey.

Kobudo Class

Kobudo (Weapons) are something that we traditionally practice and require in our belt testing. We traditionally practice 2 weapons, Sai and Bo, and 2 styles for Bo, Kenshin Ryu and Yamani Ryu. Sai class occurs every 2nd Wednesday of the month and Bo practice is on Saturdays at 11:30.