About Shoreline Karate Club

Shoreline Karate Club is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of traditional karate and kobudo practice on the northside of King County, Washington. We operate through the volunteer efforts of our senior students, who serve as board directors, instructors, student mentors, and technical advisers.

The Board of Directors

The members of the board are Jerry Gunvillle Sensei, Jerry Walsh Sensei, John Gough Sensei, Yoshi Kohno Sensei, and Heidi Gough. You can read all about each of them in the "先生 (Sensei) / Instructors" tab.

The Board makes decisions about things not directly related to the practice of Karate. That can be anything from what equipment gets purchased for the students, to dojo policies related to health and safety. The Board members do their best to have an open mind when it comes to any decision they make and are always looking to create the best experience to help student learning.

The Technical Committee

The members of the technical committee are John Gough Sensei, Henry Bowman Sensei, Kyle Gough and Aya Griswold. You can read all about each of them in the "先生 (Sensei) / Instructors" tab.

The Technical Committee makes decisions that directly effect what and how the students practice. They decide how certain Kata should be performed within our school to maintain Ryuha*, what Kata the students should be learning and in what order. They also decide what Kata we should teach for tournament and how students should perform those Kata at tournament.

*Ryuha is best translated to the way of the school. If a school has two students at tournament doing the same Kata but it looks different it doesn't look very good on the school. Part of the Technical Committee's job is to make sure our school's Ryuha stays consistent.

At Shoreline Karate Club we believe that karate is for everyone of all age and abilities, and we look forward to introducing you to the challenges and rewards of practicing Karate!

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