New / Prospective Students

Thank you for considering us to guide you in your Karate journey.

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step."

- Lao Tzu

As a martial artist, you will strive to develop respect, sincerity, kindness, compassion, and etiquette. Your first weeks here will be the hardest because everything is new. You will be learning proper Karate etiquette, rules, and how to conduct yourself as a martial artist. You will learn multiple physical movements that are likely new to you and, at first, will be challenging to perform. However, as you continue your training, these movements will become second nature. Give yourself the time to learn. Don't be discouraged. All of the students and instructors here also began their journey as "white belts", many as adult learners. We understand the challenge and will help guide you.

All the paper work you need to get started is below. It includes our registration form, a Waiver form, and the Welcome packet.

(Our fees are listed on the registration form)

Students who have never done a martial art before or have very little experience in martial arts should click the New Students tab.

Students who have experience in another martial art or a different style of Karate should click the Transfering Student tab.

Students who have practiced with us before or any other Hayashi-Ha Shitoryu School should click the Returning Students tab.

  • New Students

Starting a new thing can be very difficult. We understand that and know that the first step can often times be the hardest. Because of that we offer all new students a trial class to see if they like how we teach or not. We want all of our students to have the best experience with Karate as possible and we understand it if that means that we are not the right school for you.

  • Transfering Students

Changing schools can be almost as hard as starting at a new, one if not harder. You have experience in some kind of martial art be it Karate or another art of some kind. At Shoreline Karate Club our chief instructor, John Gough, is very open to promoting students who have previous experience at accelerated rates so their rank is more accurate to their skill. Your previous martial arts experience contributes to your current martial arts skill and how you learn and that will be reflected in how your instructors guide you in your continued martial arts journey.

  • Returning Students

First of all welcome back. Because you are coming from a Hayashi-Ha Shitoryu school your previous rank still holds true at our school. We understand that you took a break and that you may need time to catch up to where you used to be. If you wish to start over at white belt again we will respect your choice and let you do as you wish. Regardless the option stands to maintain your rank and work at your own pace to be able to promote again if you wish. We value the experience you hold and would love to have you practicing again.

If you have any further questions about signing up, feel free to contact our chief instructor John Gough Sensei

Registration form*

Karate Registration form 2023.pdf

Participation Waiver and Release*

Waiver - Shoreline Karate Club 2023.pdf

Student Welcome Packet

Shoreline Karate New Student Packet v5.pdf

*Registration and Waiver forms are fillable pdfs. To use this feature, please download and view in an offline pdf reader. Completed forms can be emailed to