Promotion 型 (Kata)

These videos are for our students as a reference and to assist them in learning the basic movements.

“Such is life.  Fall seven times, get up eight”  

 - Bodhidharma (Daruma) 

8th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

7th Kyu (Blue Belt)

6th Kyu (Purple Belt)

5th Kyu (1st Green Belt)

4th Kyu (2nd Green Belt)

3rd Kyu (1st Brown Belt)

2nd Kyu (2nd Brown Belt)

Ananko + Kobudo Kata

1st Kyu (3rd Brown Belt)

Dan (All Black Belts)

Baisai Dai + Ten no Kata or Chino Kata + 2 Heian Kata + Kobudo Kata

*Kobudo Kata can be any kata and can be the same Kata for all promotions.*